The Trop Shop should be your first stop if you are looking for a new aquarium, vivarium, cage, hutch etc for your Pet. As a specialist aquatic, reptile and pet shop, The Trop Shop offers a huge range of Livestock, Homes, foods (live, frozen and dried), dry goods and Accessories.
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Tropical, coldwater and marine fish

Come to The Trop Shop for a huge range of tropical, coldwater and marine fish, from all your usual suspects to some rare oddballs. 
We also stock stunning corals, aquarium & pond plants  Ornaments, assorted rocks and woods all to help  complete the perfect look. 
Some of the finest specimens of fish in the world are just a visit or a phone call away.
We offer a range of specialist foods and accessories for all fish type.
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FIsh pond
Reptile park

Reptiles, amphibians and inverts

Come into our reptile section where you can choose from a range of lizards, snakes, spiders, amphibians and other inverts. We can also supply you with specialist food and accessories
If you are interested in owning a reptile but feel you need a little more information please contact us today and talk to one of the experts at The Trop Shop.
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Pets and birds

Are you looking for a new furry, fluffy or feathery friend or even something a little different? The Trop Shop offers a range of household pets as well as kennels, hutches, cages and accessories. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help and advise, just call into our shop.
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Household pets and birds

Platinum Trained Seachem Dealers

Here at The Trop Shop, we offer an extensive range of Seachem specialist aquatic and Reptile products.
We are the only Shop in Thurrock to have Seachem PLATINUM trained staff who can give you expert advice on the great range of products.
Seachem SPECIAL OFFER - Buy Two Seachem products and save 10% - Buy three Seachem products and save 15% Terms and Conditions apply.

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