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Aquarium fish & supplies

Aquarium fish and accessories

The Trop Shop can provide you with everything you need for your tropical, cold water and marine aquariums. We offer tanks of all sizes including themed tanks for kids, aquariums with FREE cabinet offers, designer aquariums and even custom aquariums. We also stock a wide range of dry goods, foods and water treatments.

Our knowledgeable staff are always happy to offer advice and information to make sure you get the right products for your requirements. Call us for a chat.
Aquarium fish & supplies
Pond fish and accessories

Pond fish and accessories

Are you looking to venture outside with your fish? Maybe you already have the garden sorted and want to bring some pond life to it? As a leading supplier in the Grays area, The Trop Shop is able to provide you with fish and accessories for your pond.

Choose from a range of pond fish, including Koi, Goldfish, Sturgeon, Tench, Shubunkin, Orfe, Weather Loach and a range of coarse fish to bring some colour and style to your pond. Once you have purchased your fish make sure you take the time to select some accessories for your pond to finish off the complete look.

Maintenance and holiday care

Going on holiday or need help to keep on top of tank maintenance? Let us take care of your fish, reptiles or animals. We can offer a one-off service whilst you enjoy your break away, or a regular service at your home or business!
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Pond maintenance and holiday care
If you would like more information about our range of tropical, marine and cold water fish, 
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